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.:: News 10/03/04

Adagio welcomes new singer!

Adagio has the great pleasure to announce that the band has found a new voice and friend in the person of Gus Monsanto.

Out of the many demos that the management received came out a great version of the song Chosen from the Underworld album ... and all the guys have fallen in love with the Brazilian voice.

Gus and the bands performance at this years PROGPOWER festival in Atlanta, GA, USA was brilliant. The band drew many praises from the crowd as well as their music peers. Once the tour is complete, priority will be given in composing the new album which has already begun. The 3rd studio album from Adagio is scheduled to be released early in 2005.

Check out some of my pictures with Adagio and friends from PROGPOWER 2004
My good friend Paul Cashman's Adagio pictures (who also sponsored Pain of Salvation this year)
Fellow Seismic Radio DJ, Henk and his awesome Adagio pictures!

.:: News 07/24/04

Sadly, we must report that David Readman is no longer the singer for Adagio. David's talents will be missed by many, and we wish him all the best.

.:: News 06/24/04

The Adagio live album, A Band In Upperworld - Live, is released today in Japan.

.:: News 05/20/04

Adagio will release a live album, A Band In Upperworld - Live. Most of it was recorded in February 2004 at the Paris show. The album will be released in Japan in June, and in Europe and the rest of the world in September.

.:: News 03/22/04

We have a limited amount of Adagio Underworld shirts for sale in both long sleeve and short sleeves. The shirts are officially licensed merchandise from Adagio.

1 L Short Sleeve
1 XL Short Sleeve
1 M Long Sleeve
2 L Long Sleeve
3 XL Long Sleeve

If you order more then one shirt, it is just $1.00 for each additional shirt for shipping and handling!

Short sleeve shirts will be $18 plus $4.00 shipping & handling to US & Canada.

Long sleeve shirts will be $23 plus $4.00 shipping to US & Canada.

Please note, shirts are sent regular US MAIL, insurance or express mail is extra and we will let you know once we find out (usually $2-$4 more).

These are official tour shirts!!

What little profit we make on these shirts will go back to Adagio in support of their US debut at PROGPOWER V in Atlanta, GA.

There are two ways you can purchase these shirts:

1. You can pay using Paypal. My account is: warmwetos@yahoo.com
I am a verified Paypal member and can accept both credit card and cash transactions.

2. You can send a check payable to Tony Kontokanis:
1 Chandler
Aliso Viejo, CA

Please email me first at warmwetos@yahoo.com with your shirt size, address and form of payment. These shirts won't last long so first come first serve. If the demand is high, we will attempt to get more.

.:: News 03/20/04

Adagio will play ProgPower Europe in the Netherlands. The festival will be held on October 2-3, 2004. Adagio is the only band that will play at both ProgPower USA and ProgPower Europe.

.:: News 03/01/04

Adagio will play at ProgPower USA V. The event will be held on September 17-18, 2004 at Earthlink Live in Atlanta, Georgia. The band will perform on Saturday, September 18 from 5:30 - 6:15 PM. Tickets for ProgPower USA will go on sale May 1 at 10:00 AM EST via Ticketmaster. The cost is \\$95, and only 900 tickets will go on sale to the public.

.:: News 11/15/03

Here are some pictures from Adagio's first show in Montereau, France, November 8, 2003:

Photos by Eric Bondoux

Les Fils du Metal (scroll down to see the Adagio pictures)

.:: News 09/29/03

Adagio will play at the Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv, Israel on December 21, 2003.

.:: News 09/24/03

Both the limited edtion digipack and the jewel case version of Underworld are available from The Laser's Edge.

.:: News 09/15/03

Dirk Bruinenberg has left the band. Here is a message from Dirk:

"Hereby I would like to announce that I am leaving Adagio for private reasons. I regret that I have to do this because it is one of the greatest bands around at the moment, but I have to set a few things straight in my life and unfortunately my schedule is different than the bands schedule. I would like to wish all the guys the best of luck. you have become great friends and I will cherish the experience I had with you for ever.
thank you,
Dirk Bruinenberg"

Eric Lebailly will be Adagio's new drummer.

.:: News 09/02/03

Here are the dates for Adagio's French Underworld tour:

11/08/03 : Montereau (77) / Festival
11/28/03 : Bergerac / La Rock' sane

With Manignance & Malediction:

02/11/04 : Nancy / M.A.I
02/12/04 : Lyon / Ninkasi Kao
02/13/04 : Montpellier / Rockstore
02/14/04 : St Armou (Pau) / Salle Polyvalente
02/15/04 : Bordeaux / C.A.T.
02/17/04 : Paris / Elysée Montmartre
02/18/04 : Strasbourg / Laiterie
02/19/04 : Verviers, Belgium / Spirit of 66
02/20/04 : N. Dame Doe (Tours) / Oésia
02/21/04 : Rennes / Antipode

.:: News 07/20/03

The new Adagio album, Underworld, will be released on July 23 in Japan, and in October in the rest of the world.

The tracklisting for the album is:

1. Next Profundis
2. Introitus/Solvet Saeclum In Favilla
3. Chosen
4. From My Sleep...To Someone Else
5. Underworld
6. Promises
7. The Mirror Stage
8. Niflheim
9. Missa Aeterna (bonus track)

.:: News 07/19/03

Welcome Adagio Fans!

Well we finally got this website launched and although the boat is still a little rusty, give us some time to get this maiden voyage up and sailing. Adagio-USA is a fan club for the French mastermind and musician behind Adagio, Stephan Forte. Stephan and Adagio drew all sorts of praises from the metal industry with their grand opus “Sanctus Ignis” released in 2001. Adagio fueled with some of the finest musicians on this earth have embarked with their sophomore release entitled “Underworld” which is to be released in the USA October 2003.

Stay tuned, as Adagio-USA will be bringing you up to date news, exclusive interviews with band members, MP3s, photos, special promotions and much more!

Adagio-USA Fan Club and Membership

Membership is simple. You become a member by subscribing to our list server and signing up using a valid email account. There is no charge for regular membership. However, there is a premium membership. If you decide to become a premium member you will be entitled to the following discounts and special Adagio promotions:

Discount rate on all Adagio CDs and singles
Exclusive Membership only Adagio CDs (such as a special Christmas CD)
Chance to win Adagio giveaways and prizes
Chance to interact with the band members via chat
Adagio shirts, pictures and stickers
Other special promotions and much, much, more


How much is membership?   A year's membership will only run you $20.00. We accept PayPal, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks and Personal Checks.

Why do I need to pay $20.00 to purchase these items above?   Well, you are not forced to pay to join, but in order for us to maintain the cost of this website we must produce some sort of income. What little profit (if any) we make goes straight back into the website and Adagio merchandise. After all, we have to pay for this ourselves in order to bring them to you.

Will Adagio ever play the USA or North America?   Good question! We will do everything in our power to bring Adagio to North America. As you know, it can be very expensive to fly band members, crew, and equipment. On top of that you have to deal with transportation, lodging and food, etc. Without a sponsor or backing from the record company, it is a challenge for the musicians and us.

Don't give up! We are working on ways on how we can promote and showcase Adagio to the fullest! Metal festivals like ProgPower USA are a good example of how bands from all over the world can play for an audience in the USA!!

Favorite track from Underworld
What is your favorite track from Underworld?
Next Profundis
Introitus/Solvet Saeclum in Favilla
From My Sleep...To Someone Else
The Mirror Stage
Missa Aeterna

view results

Favorite track from Sanctus Ignis
What is your favorite track from Sanctus Ignis?
Second Sight
The Inner Road
In Nomine...
The Stringless Violin
Seven Lands of Sin
Order of Enlil
Sanctus Ignis
Panem et Circences
Immigrant Song

view results

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