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Be sure and visit the Adagio forum on UltimateMetal.com. This is a great place to talk about the band and meet people who have similar interests as your own. The forum is open to everyone but please ask us for permission to link to it. Please note this is the “Unofficial” Adagio forum although I have a feeling that the band members will be making their presence felt!


In order to fully utilize the abilities of this board, you will be required to register as a member. Registration is free, and allows you to do the following:

· Post new threads
· Reply to other people's threads
· Edit your posts
· Receive email notification of replies to posts and threads you specify
· Send private messages to other members
· Enter events in the board calendar
· Set up a 'buddy-list' to quickly see which of your friends are currently online

To register, you will need to specify a username and password, and a valid email address.

Click here to visit the forum. And make sure you register!

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